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Maintain and develop IP-centric operations: Thunderful Group's business strategy depends on the Group's ability to retain existing and establish new channels for selling and distributing its entertainment products.

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We empower people and companies to unleash their full potential​

Why is Reborn special?


We are constantly looking for innovative new ideas and solutions that will lead our projects to continued success for years to come. Our pioneering drive for originality is why our employees, partners, and players choose Reborn.

We have our fingers on the pulse for the latest global games industry trends. We select the best ideas and bring them to life using the latest tech and world-class industry talents, allowing us to create games and services that reach millions of people globally.

We are actively taking measures to help the video games industry develop as a whole by supporting international initiatives and introducing our own. We also participate in many of the industry's educational programs.


About us
Reborn is an investor dedicated to developing promising companies and projects within the gaming industry.

How Reborn "Group" works

Building strong first-party media content and platforms.

The Group strives to create a more comprehensive, centralized process for investment and progress review, while maintaining creative freedom for each operative group.

Group seeks to realize synergies between operative groups where possible and deemed appropriate. This may include collaboration, spread of best practices, as well as IP and talent sharing.

The Group strives to leverage its unique IP portfolio, structure, and development capacity as a basis for building a presence across key entertainment media formats.